MoI platform adds "Furijat" service to “Absher Individuals" new app.

Sunday 02 May 2021

The ministry of interior (MoI’s) electronic platform, “Absher”, has included the “Furijat” service in the “Absher Individuals” new application. The Furijat service enables philanthropic donors to help persons convicted in non-criminal financial cases in settling their debts securely.

After adding it to the Absher Individuals new application, the service is distinguished by searching for eligible cases, reviewing the cases’ details, checking the invoice number and viewing the most deserving detainees, according to the cases listed therein.

Donors can now access the service from “Absher and Ehsan” platforms, so as to facilitate safe charitable ways for donation to the service beneficiaries, without falling into fraud or entering fake websites. Donors must also verify validity of the invoices they wish to settle through Absher and Ehsan platforms, in addition to the justice ministry’s Nagiz website, and make sure of the amount to be donated to Farijat bills, before completing the payment process.

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