MoI continues receiving requests for dropping unwanted and damaged vehicles through Absher

Tuesday 13 December 2022

The ministry of interior (MoI) continues to receive requests from citizens and residents through its Absher e-platform, to drop all types of unwanted and damaged vehicles.

The ministry has urged all citizens and residents to take advantage of the corrective period given for dropping vehicles that ends on 1 March 2023.

The beneficiary can know about the approved centers and choose from them by visiting the service page on Absher platform, before visiting the approved center to complete the vehicle delivery procedures, make an agreement with the center, and provide the center with the confirmation code, which the beneficiary receives on his or her phone, to complete the vehicle dropping process.

The service saves the beneficiary’s time and effort; since there is no need to visit any government departments to complete the vehicle dropping procedures, because the service enables the beneficiary to drop unwanted and damaged vehicles without financial obligations during the corrective period.

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