During the first half of this year, "Absher" launches several new services and continues to achieve

Thursday 28 July 2022

The ministry of interior, through its electronic platform Absher, has scored remarkable achievements in the first half of 2022 and that contributed to raising the level of electronic services provided to citizens, residents and visitors. Absher has facilitated more than 25 million digital IDs to have access to as many as 350 electronic services provided through it.

During the above said period, Absher carried out more than 11,600,000 electronic transactions, with a rate of more than 64,000 daily transactions. It provided with integrated electronic services for 64,000 beneficiaries on a daily basis for which they did not need to personally visit the offices of the Ministry of Interior.

Also, during this period, Absher managed to renew 330,230 Saudi passports, handling 3,693,930 mail delivery requests, carrying out 176,509 transactions in Bayanati service, 377,004 driving authorization requests, 452,968 driving license renewals, 343,566 vehicle repair paper requests, 612,454 vehicle registration and renewals, in addition to renewal of 2,362,199 residency permit (iqama), issuance of 1,937,737 exit-re-entry visas, issuance of 726,591 residency visas, handling 336,061 job transfer services, and extension of 287,939 exit-re-entry visas.

Also, during this period the Ministry of the Interior launched, through Absher, many services, including the services of vehicles plates number with a logo, electronic renewal of the national identity and several electronic services that benefit citizens and residents.

Absher is a pioneer in digital transformation to achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, through its electronic services that aim to develop the concept of e-government, automated government services, and raise the level of security of information.

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