Based on the kingdom’s trend, and in recognition of the importance of e-government and the great benefits that will result for the Saudi society–through an efficient e-government system–and to enhance the mechanisms of transition to a comprehensive e-government, the Absher e-service platform project was launched in 2010, to provide services to both the citizens and residents.

Absher, a "pioneering in providing e-services" dream has now become a reality; it is the fruit of untiring efforts.

"Absher" is not a project like other projects. It started as a full-pillar dream toward the transition to the e-government era, and a promise to achieve the end of paperwork.

Since its inauguration, the "Absher" platform has provided more than 330 e-services provided to millions citizens and residents.

Practically, the Absher platform has made a number of accomplishments to raise the level of government performance to provide services to the public easily, with maximum levels of information security, namely:

• Increase efficiency by executing business smoothly.
• Improve internal communications.
• Provide better services to beneficiaries.
• Meet citizens' needs and expectations.
• Improve, develop and engineer business processes.
• Raise customer satisfaction with the services.
• Support economic development programmes.

This User Guide has included both the key e-services and e-inquiries offered by the platform and directed to the individuals’ sector. Services are presented in groups in accordance with the sectors providing the service. We hope the Guide will be useful reference for users that will explain the current services to them; we are also keen to update the Guide regularly and add new services.

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