• Welcome to the vehicle sale e-service through the Absher platform. The service enables you to buy or sell a vehicle and transfer the ownership after you view, examine it, and a mutual consent is reached between the seller and buyer to complete the sale at a specified price.
  • Video: How to Execute the Service?

How the service benefits you?
  • It is a 100% online service
  • Depositing the vehicle price is made to a service intermediate account that guarantees your right to document the amounts and receive the vehicle
  • The service enhances the safety and trust level in dealing with the other party to buy or sell a vehicle, after an agreement is reached between the two parties
  • If a disagreement arises between the two parties or they do not wish to continue the deal, the sale can be canceled at any time before completing the "delivery of the vehicle" option through the service, and all amounts paid are refunded electronically

Check the following terms before executing the service:
  • Both the seller and buyer must be registered in Absher platform
  • Vehicle price shall not be less than S.R. 500 and not more than S.R. 1,000,000
  • Vehicle must be in good running condition; it must not be missing, wanted, or kept in custody
  • Vehicle type must be "private" or "private transport" only.
  • Vehicle registration license must be valid.
  • Vehicle must have a valid technical inspection certificate.
  • Vehicle must have a valid insurance policy.
  • Payment of S.R. 150, government fees, through the government payments system (SADAD).
  • There must be no violations logged against the buyer or the vehicle.
  • A Resident can own two cars of the type "private" and by a maximum of 8 seats per car .

Service fees
In addition to the government fees required to transfer vehicle ownership – which are paid through the government payments system SADAD – the fee for finalizing the sale through Absher platform is S.R. 230, including VAT, to be added to the vehicle price and it is paid by the buyer; these fees are refundable if the sale is cancelled for any reason.
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